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Kathryn Lounsberry presents Kathryn Lounsberry

"Kathryn Lounsbery Presents Kathryn Lounsbery" is the culmination of a decade of gathering creative odds and ends. I've always been a late bloomer and this show was no exception. Beginning in 2004 I made the very difficult step of admitting I wanted to perform a solo show. But what did it look like? I knew I loved Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is Magic." And Victor Borge's stuff was hilarious. And obviously Lily Tomlin is the queen. There wasn't a show that looked like what I wanted to do. So I just started trying out things. An open mic comedy night. I bought a keytar. More comedy nights. More confidence. And then at a silent meditation retreat, the entire show sort of appeared in my head. From there, I set a date: June 24th, 2014. A private workshop at the now defunct M Bar in Hollywood. Then another date at the now defunct Room 5 in LA. (Do I kill venues?). Then the El Portal theater. Then New York. San Francisco. Chicago. Milwaukee. This CD is from a live performance at the fantastic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. No editing. No second takes. What was I thinking? Enjoy. xo

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